ASTR at Nordstrom



Who else is longing for summer temperatures? You too? I can’t wait for summer mainly so I am able to wear my new favorite dress for date nights when the air is warm and the suns sets late.Read More

A Latte At Home


About a year ago I went over to a good girlfriends house, who was so nice, she offered me a latte. SHE MADE ME A LATTE, and it was Starbucks quality delicious. I searched her kitchen for a full blown espresso maker and milk frother, but saw nothing of the kind. Completely befuddled, I asked her to tell me step by step how she made my cup of joy. She obliged.Read More

Pretty Skirts


My parents are mall walkers – as in people who go to the mall just to walk. I initially thought this was crazy. Going to the mall pre-open time only to walk in circles and window shop? Wait, WINDOW SHOP. Genius. They walk by all the windows and get all the inspiration without the regular mall traffic. I decided to join them and took my almost 2 year old as well. Read More