Cutest Bow Detail

I like sweet details, which includes this sweatshirt with the cutest structured bow. It’s a perfect neutral and works with white jeans, regular denim and even YOGA PANTS. The bow adds a little something to an otherwise boring top, and at under $21, it makes a great addition to your athleisure – you know, the clothes you consider the most comfortable in your closet and call ahtleisure to make them sound dressier and to tell yourself they are not “sweats.”Read More

Healthy On The Go Snack

Guys, I have a secret. I eat a lot of chocolate muffins. A LOT. Since finding Garden Lites Muffins, I’ve been eating them as a delicious healthy on the go snack regularly and I don’t feel one bit guilty. I didn’t think a “chocolate” muffin made up of 1/3 vegetables would actually taste good, but four words people: “yummy in my tummy.” Imagine a 3 year old saying this, which is exactly what happened after my son tried one.Read More

Stripes and Bows

It is supposed to be almost 70 degrees tomorrow. 70 DEGREES. I haven’t felt warm weather in what feels like forever and I can’t be more excited, which brings me to bare shoulders. This cold shoulder top with stripes and bows is not only the cutest, but it’s COMFORTABLE. As in, you can wear a normal bra – comfortable. Fabric is soft and stretchy – comfortable. I love the long and lean cut and 3/4 sleeves, and the best part is it’s on sale for a great price. Don’t mind my little guy. He was helping me shoot.Read More

The best of Shopping Local in the Mitten (grocery edition)

Little known fact: I LOVE to grocery shop. I find it relaxing and love looking for nutritious food and new items for my family. I was so excited to be invited to the grand opening of Busch’s Fresh Food Market in Canton, Michigan (go here to enter to win free groceries by signing up for MyWay benefits!). It’s a neighborhood market that’s natural, urban and one of my new favorite places. You can find me at the honey bar (where you can buy local honey in bulk, as much or as little as you like), juice bar (I will take a Traverse City Cherry, please), Gelato bar (any flavor, please) or flower stand.Read More

Spring Sweater

I’ve been wearing this spring sweater pretty much non-stop the past week. If you must know, I do own two (ivory and black) and I have washed it. It washed beautifully on delicate and an air dry. I’m sure it’s not technically a spring sweater, given it’s on sale on top of it’s sale price for under $53 (through Sunday), but it is going to be my spring sweater since we are in the 20s and about to get more snow. [softly sobbing] Read More

Vintage Inspired Sandals + Embroidered Tunic

Loving everything about these vintage inspired sandals and embroidered tunic. Not loving the current weather situation, but I was able to wear them both last week. The sandals are ridiculously comfortable with a cushioned footbed. It feels as if I’m wearing flats – but I am wearing the cutest addition to my closet. They have a block heel and extra tred (instead of a wood bottom), which makes them so easy to wear. I love the retro studded detail and black leather. They are on sale for under $56 (find them here) and also come in a natural tan color, as well as a slip on version without an ankle strap.Read More

Cozy Thermal For Spring

 This cozy thermal is meant for spring days when we go from 60 degree days to chilly rain (and possibly snow) the next. It’s perfectly draped with extra long sleeves and the softest fabric. You can find it for under $40 (some colors under $30!) and it comes in several colors. Grab one (or three) now – and even if your spring is warmer than mine, you’ll have them for fall and winter.Read More

Buckwheat Double Chocolate Cookies (Gluten Free!)

I was skeptical of this recipe. Verrrrrrry skeptical, but these cookies are simply delicious. They are also gluten free and full of protein and iron from the buckwheat flour, and flavonoids from the dark chocolate. So I consider them health food, but they are cookies people. Ridiculously good cookies with benefits.Read More

Scalloped Faux Suede Skirt

This pretty pink scalloped faux suede skirt had me at the sweet scalloped edge, but the faux suede gives it just a little edge. The blush color and feminine cut are so gorgeous. You can pair it with a tailored top or an oversized sweater, and dress it up with over the knee boots or go casual with some sneakers.Read More

Overall Bliss

I really can’t get enough of this pair of overalls or the off the shoulder soft sweater I recently picked up. Everytime I’m out in my overalls I get compliments and inquiries as to where I found them. They are insanely flattering, comfortable, and not what you think overalls look like – curve hugging and a little sexy, and you can find them here (although my version is from last year and ever so slightly different – but I like the newer version better). Read More