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Finding a sporty top + bra that helps you instead of hampering your workout is a challenge in itself. Is it tight but not too tight? Does it stay put if you are in downward dog? Does it wick sweat if you go for a serious run? SO many boxes to check. It can be exhausting. Here are my favorite picks that have helped me get motivated and get moving, and I hope they will do the same for you.



I found this workout top along with a comfortable sports bra at Target. It’s been on constant rotation because of it’s silky feel and the fact it stays close to my body, but doesn’t make me feel like every single ounce of my post baby belly is showing. It’s a racerback, comes in four colors and shows off strappy sports bras to boot. +++



I love these newbies to my sports bra collection, which has never been so pretty and fancy before. Strappy backs from Forever 21 add detail in an otherwise boring clothing category. I feel accessorized without jewelry.


There are many updated versions of sports bras on and they range from light to heavy support. I find medium support is perfect for a jog or run. The light versions are great for walks, yoga, pilates, or whatever work out doesn’t contain jumping jacks. Also perfect for short stints chasing after small children.


I prefer medium support bras and light when I can manage it. Its not that I like the thrill of a possible wardrobe malefunction, I just enjoy the comfortable snugness of medium versus super tight heavy support. Forever 21 has a lot of heavy support options if you prefer!


Having new work out clothes motivates and makes me want to get out there and sweat a little, especially since I didn’t have to waste a lot of energy finding the perfect pieces.

medium support sports bra (dark grey and teal)

low impact sports bra (light gray and teal)

low impact sports bra (white)

black and white striped sports bra – C9 from Target (in stores)

Racerback tank top

Also, here are my favorite work out leggings. High rise and fabulous. They don’t creep down during a run!

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