Best Boyfriend Jeans


I was having a really hard time finding a pair of boyfriend jeans that fit well. Either they were too big in the waist, too slim at the ankles (leading to hilarity ensuing when I tried to get them off), or the rips just weren’t in the right spot. But then came along this pair.


A pair so comfortable, its as if I’ve had them for years and the rips have a story from being loved so much, they just appeared one day like in a childhood blankie. The wash is a medium blue and goes with every color shirt I want to wear them with. Totally in love.


I would have paid a lot for these jeans, but thankfully they were under $40.  They look great with heels and a “fancy” shirt or dress (something I wear when I know I won’t be used as a human kleenex or paper towel) or with a plain tee and chucks or Adidas Superstars.

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