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This season, blanket scarves are replacing the need for a winter coat in fall. They pair easily with cozy sweaters and make you feel warm and fuzzy without all the heavy layers…because let’s all nod in agreement that winter can wait. If I am able to get out of the house with a knit and scarf, I’m a happy girl. I don’t need to cover myself up with my puffer just yet – but when I do, I can still pop on my blanket scarf. And to make you feel even more warm and fuzzy, use code “kari20” to get 20% off your purchase at (which brings this scarf to less than $20 + free worldwide shipping)!

img_3031 img_3042 img_3045 img_3067 img_3071 img_3074 img_3083 img_3085 img_3090

This blanket scarf is soft, large (read – covers and keeps warm), and a beautiful pink and gray plaid that works with so many outfits – from jeans and this sweater to faux leather leggings and booties. I can even pair it with little black dresses and striped looks.

img_2710 img_2712 img_2729

And seeing as how we are deep into fall at this point, the holidays are right around the corner (eeek!). I plan on getting several blanket scarves to give away as gifts because they come perfectly packaged and ready to go with their cute twine and happy messages. All I need to do is attach a gift note. There are so many patterns available, I already have the perfect styles picked out for my mom, grandma, sister and friends.

img_2996 img_3009 img_3021 img_3092-1 img_3106 img_3108 img_3110 img_3118

I wear this white fluffy sweater a lot. By a lot, I mean almost daily. I’ll wear it with an outfit or put it on when I walk in my door. It is so soft an less than $35. I literally contemplated buying two in case I wear this one out. My gray jeans are the softest and I’ve linked them along with similar pairs. I’m wearing a henley tank on super clearance right now – as in around $6. My outfit is linked below and you can find my scarf and more beautiful plaids at! Don’t forget to use code “kari20” to get 20% off.

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