Date Night Look – faux leather leggings


If you are looking for a perfect date night look for this fall and winter, pick up a pair of shiny leather-looking leggings (but not leather because that would be hot in the wrong way) at Express. The store knows faux leather leggings – they make the best at the best price. The most comfy, flattering and budget friendly leggings (to the point where you may want to buy two in two different styles) are linked below. You are one click away from faux leather and scuba leggings at under $50 each (less if you have Express coupons or text discounts).


img_9903img_9906img_0005 img_0018 img_0024  img_9889    img_9917 img_9927

I am wearing the faux-leather high rise version. The scuba leggings come in a mid-rise and look awesome paired with sweaters and tunic tops. They are slightly less shiny, but just as sexy and just as comfy.

img_0004 img_9930  img_9941  img_9949-1img_9960 img_9969-1 img_9983 img_9998-1

I wore sandals with this outfit, but once the weather gets cold I’m going with booties. Add some layered necklaces and a cute bag and you’re ready to get out of the house.

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