Drapey Tee + Easy Flats


This top is truly amazing. It is both comfortable and stunning with its drapey front and luxurious feeling fabric. Bottom line, anything that looks gorgeous and feels gorgeous I am totally into. At under $45, it’s just the best thing ever (next to warm weather, which I could totally go for right about now).


IMG_1569 (1).jpgLet’s talk shoes for a moment. I love the strappy shoe trend, but I’m not fully in love with the lacing up of the shoes every time I need to pop them on. It takes too much time when I have a toddler and mini to chase after (and two other sets of shoes to get on small feet). So, I was extremely happy to find strappy flats with a zipper in the back for easy on and off. I get the look I want and it takes me literally two seconds to get them on, vs. 2 minutes too long other pair. Don’t get me wrong, I love my black flats and blush numbers, but when I am well aware I have 2 seconds to get my shoes on, I go with this amazing pair that also come in black and hot pink.


Did I mention they are under $25? I’m not kidding, so run to Target (we all know you are going there anyway) or get on the site, add to your cart and check out before they are gone!



A few notes – I’ve linked both distressed and non-distressed black jeans. My go-to jeans are Old Navy. Both the mid rise and high rise versions are awesomely comfy and are currently $19 and $32 respectively. Great distressed options are available at Nordstrom. Also, in regards to the flats, I needed to go up a 1/2 size. Not sure if they run small for everyone, but you may as well order two sizes and see which one fits. XO!

Silence + Noise Tee // Women’s Nara Flat // Mid Rise Black Jeans // High Rise Black Jeans // Distressed Jeans // Distressed Jeans

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