Fall Floral Dress

I love the print on this fall floral dress. The fact that it’s a gorgeous wrap dress made me be like “yes, please!” It’s flattering with a pretty pattern. I love my faux fur vest that goes with everything from striped tops + jeans to dresses like this. I would wear it everyday if it wasn’t frowned upon. It’s so cozy and soft on both the outside and the inside.

Not only is this dress comfy, but it’s perfect for Thanksgiving – when you have a food baby and want something that’s gonna cover that. This dress is your best friend on days where feasts are the norm. Mashed potatoes? No problem.

My booties are budget friendly and go with WAY more than you think they would – from midi skirts to long dresses to jeans, they are an awesome trend item that work with so many outifts.

So what makes an outfit is whether you’re having a good or bad hair day. I recently reviewed the ‘rootie‘ by Voloom, and it’s so amazing. It was gifted to me, and I have to say – it’s a game changer. I use it every other day – on days when I don’t blow dry my hair – and it instantly revitalizes my hair, making it look like I just got a blow out. You use it similar to a crimper (helloooo 80’s), so you clamp down, and release – never pulling the hair through. My hair has so much lift and body – I absolutely love it and it will be such a good gift for the holidays! All items are linked below – if you have any questions on the rootie, please let know! This dress and vest run true to size.


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