Flower Applique Bag + What’s In Mine

I love the shape of this bag, but what sold me is the gorgeous flower appliqué strap. Not only is it the prettiest, but it turns this tote into a cross body and it’s also detachable – I can put it on any bag I want. At under $130 (originally $200+), it’s a great buy. It’s neutral color make it so versatile and I’m finding myself taking it out and leaving my usual black bag behind.

It has two compartments, zippered sections, gold toned hardware and 4 feet to keep your bag clean on the bottom. I love it’s size – it’s my diaper bag, purse, and all around carry-all – and it’s cute. It’s the type of unique bag you see someone with and immediately need to know where they got it. My sister saw mine and immediately ordered one.

So now to what’s in my bag. I have a couple essentials that make my everyday life easier and better, and I am sharing my list with you (leaving out the real deal essentials of diapers, wipes, kleenex, etc.):

  1. LipSmart – this is the lip balm of lip balms. It is super hydrating and instantly plumps, glossifies (totally a word), and improves the look and feel of your lips.
  2. Burt’s Lipstick and Lip Crayons – These are the best of the best and natural to boot. They provide gorgeous color in a wide variety of shades in both matte and glossy finishes.
  3. Mini Tape Measure – I like to redo rooms and pick up random furniture. A tape measure is a must. When you find yourself in Home Goods, you need a measuring device (and sure, they have the paper yard sticks but come on – those don’t work very well).
  4. Pony Tail Ties – these are my faves (these are the runner up), and I also tote hair clips because my daughter is growing out her bangs (insert eye roll emoji).
  5. External Phone Charger – How many times have you realized your phone is about to turn off or your child ran it’s battery down to 10%? This is your solution. Unless you need your phone to turn off because it can be the best excuse to tell your kid.
  6. Kid’s Clif Bar Granola Bars – One of the only snacks my son will ALWAYS take, and since he often get’s hangry, I need them at hand.
  7. Pad of paper or Journal – It’s good to have a pad of paper for sudden inspiration,
  8. Pouch – I put lipstick, pens, crayons, and extra contacts in one. It keeps it out of the bottom of bag abyss and makes me feel a teeny bit more organized.
  9. Pretty Pens – Don’t be that girl that never has a pen, and be the girl who has the prettiest. It gives the illusion you have your sh#$ together (even if you don’t). This set also makes a great gift for mom, graduate, or any birthday girl/boy.
  10. Sunscreen – I love this sunscreen. It keeps my skin in check and has ingredients that will keep sunspots away. When I find myself at the park and forgot to grab my hat, this is a face saver.

I’ve linked everything below for easy shopping! Go get this bag before it sells out!

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