Hair Extensions with Irresistible Me


Let me preface this post by saying I am not a hair magician. I usually run out of the house without so much as a comb through (due to extenuating circumstances, read: children). I love what Irresistible Me extensions do for my hair. They add body and length when I want it. I can use a few sets or all of them, depending on the look I want to achieve. The best part is, I can put them in myself in as little as a few minutes.


I was sent a set from Irresistible Me to try. I have balayage color, and they were so helpful in finding a shade that would mesh with my hair, since I have lots of different color ranging from dark brown to blonde. I was sent a light brown shade and upon receiving, I had a small section to try out and make sure the shade was right. If it didn’t match, I could send the set back and try a different color. BUT, they matched perfectly and I was able to immediately try the whole set.



The extensions are remarkably easy to clip in. There are several different sizes to attach, so you can put in just a few for day looks, or the full set for more volume, which works great for date night or nights out. The real hair pieces attach by a small barrett. You section off hair by pulling it over your head, clip in set, and pull hair back over to cover.

img_6069 img_6066

The best part of real hair extensions is you can style them however you like – they can be curled, straightened and sprayed to stay put. There are so many color variations that one is sure to match. They have different types as well – and even a pony tail extension. Long hair is hard to maintain and a huge reason why busy women and moms tend to chop their hair. Extensions are a way to have long hair again, when you want it and are able to style it. Plus, you won’t need to dry your long locks every time you take a shower if you have extensions to simply clip in!


There are videos to help in the selection as well as clip in process, and the website makes it easy to find the shade that is right for you. I highly recommend Irresistible Me extensions if you are looking to add body and length to your hair, without the hassle of actually having long hair!

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