Last Minute DIY Charcoal Facial Soap

If you’re reading this, you’re interested in a fun, last minute DIY gift – and this charcoal facial soap is your saving grace – not only for checking everyone off your list, but for your complexion too! I know, I know, it has “coal” in the title, but this is not the type of coal that will get a frown. No one is getting coal in their stocking, but they may be getting the best face bar and be extra surprised to find out YOU MADE IT. My two year old son helped, so I guarantee you can handle the easy 3 steps – melt, mix, pour. 4 if you count the packaging step.

You only need a handful of ingredients (listed below) and can use household items as molds, or purchase silicone molds (or these) that are reusable and can be utilized for other tasks, like baking treats. I use a variety of molds – silicone cupcake tray, silicone heart ice cube tray, and an aluminized steel loaf pan (simply cut into bars) have all been in the mix. Silicone trays are the easiest, as your soap just pops right out. Anything lined with parchment should in theory do the same, but can be a little tricky. So if you’ve got silicone baking molds laying around, use those. Otherwise line a baking pan carefully with parchment and just be prepared to work with the soap a little to get it to pop out (but it does – and it’s totally fine).

I use an organic goat’s milk soap base. The original recipe uses lye and all that jazz, but this time of year, we need simple – and this is so easy and in my opinion, just as good. I purchased all the ingredients from amazon. In two days, my delivery arrived and I was ready to go. The soap needs just a few hours to set, or you can leave overnight if you wish. Then it’s ready to be packaged and gifted with baggies or tissue and labels (you can use a chalk marker or metallic pen). Since the charcoal powder and clay don’t come in tiny tablespoon amounts for purchase, you can make this soap about 20 times with the amount. I’ve already made several batches for teachers, swim instructors, cousins, parents, grandparents, mailman, etc. It’s good for all face types and you can tailor the scent from relaxing to energizing depending on who you are giving it to.

Activated charcoal – the kind used in this recipe – draws bacteria, chemicals, dirt and other impurities to the surface of the skin, thereby getting washed away with a rinse. It helps to fight acne, clear skin, and create a healthy glow. It is not metabolized or absorbed by the body. I use my facial bar several times a week in between exfoliating scrubs. I’m a huge fan, which makes gifting this item fun. I know it helps create a flawless complexion, and who wouldn’t want that? Plus it’s good for all skin types and it’s clean and pure beauty.



Melt soap base in microwave by heating for 2 minutes, checking and stirring, then continuing to heat and stir. Check every 30 seconds to 1 minute until completely melted. Do not overheat – you want base to be just melted.

Allow to cool slightly, for around 3 minutes. Add charcoal, clay powder, vitamin E oil, and any essential oil extracts. Stir until completely combined and uniform in color (a dark gray). Immediately pour into molds as mixture will start to set. Allow to set for a few hours or overnight. Pop out of molds and package for gifting (bag option 1, bag option 2bag option 3) or place one in your soap dish.

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