Last Minute Men’s Gift Guide

It’s not technically the last minute, but pretty darn close. I’m here to help if you need a few last minute things for your husband, dad, brother, son, boyfriend, the list goes on – there are a lot of special guys out there and you want to surprise them with something they’ll love and something they’ll use! 

For the techy: Bluetooth Beanie – I have one, and love it. No getting tangled in earbud wires, and they are super easy to set up and pair to your device. you just put on the hat, turn on a podcast or playlist from your phone or music device and go! This is the perfect gift for the dog walker, outdoor runner, hiker, and guy who walks to school or work. 


For the snuggler: Wubby Fleece

There is nothing softer, warmer, or more amazing in terms of clothing this holiday season. Pair with some joggers, and your man will be so comfy all winter long. 

For the writer: Once Upon a Pancake interactive coffee table book – this is such a cool idea. These are a bunch of fun starter stories and remind me of madlibs. You never know how the story is going to turn out because the idea is to get several different authors, so many different thoughts. Use code 25GIFTED, and purchase here!

For the luxe lover: Gucci Watch – Everyone loves a little luxury, and we don’t often buy these items for ourselves, which makes high end brand name items perfect for gifting. Plus, it makes you look like you know your fancy stuff, that you like the luxe (and maybe wouldn’t mind getting something stunning yourself), and that you are generous. 

For the practical guy: Wool Coat – I love this coat. It’s classic, made of a great material, and will last for years. Guys don’t love shopping, but they do love getting good things that last, and you’ll be helping him look handsome for years to come. 

For the guy who likes to be pampered: Kiehl’s Giftset – My husband received a Kiehl’s set for Christmas last year, and ended up buying the shaving cream ever since. It’s a favorite in our house, and a luxurious basic item that’s perfect under the tree or in the stocking.

For the lounger: Awesome Joggers – Everyone has a favorite pair of sweatpants, and this will most likely become that pair. They are super soft, heavyweight and warm.

For the traveler: Sturdy Luggage like this carry on size (all sizes are available here), or a great three piece set. – I realized last year – in my mid-30s – that I had no good go-to luggage. I had some pieces from my 20s, and those were very old and not sturdy anymore. This is the case for most of us, and it’s an upgrade we don’t usually think about, which is why it’s a great gift! 

For the outdoorsy type: Flannel Shirt – I love a classic buffalo check plaid. It’s both a trend, and a staple that’s not going out of style. If you are gifting to a dad or grandpa, it’s easy to find a matching version for little guys. Prepare for all the heart eyes. 

For the guy who runs the snowblower but still has to look good for work: Sorel Winter Boots – It’s pretty hard to find a double duty boot that will work for outdoor chores and getting into the office, but this pair works (if your guy doesn’t wear a full blown suit). They are waterproof, warm, and nice looking. Not the duck boot, but still classic with a little modern twist in all black. 

For the guy who loves his sleep: Weighted Blanket or this one that comes with a minky cover – This is my go to gift this year. It’s the item everyone wants but doesn’t know they want it. I suffered for years with terrible sleep patterns – as a mom, I naturally became a light sleeper. This blanket has given me the gift of R.E.M. sleep. I’ve had vivid dreams, and that tells me I have gotten my sleep cycle back on track. My daughter has a weighted blanket (5 lbs.), and her sleep vastly improved upon use. My husband steals mine, so he is getting one for Christmas. Sizing recommendations are on the ordering site. This is better than melatonin! 

And I added this little gift, just for fun. Good luck with your shopping and comment with any questions! You can also find me on Instagram @dontdresslikeamom – I respond to DMs and can help you with any shopping questions!