Pink Pleats and Black Ruffles

I urge you to stop what you’re doing now, and head here to find the cutest skirt for now, for spring and for summer, all in one. And this outfit, pink pleats and black ruffles, is a great momiform. A little dressy, a little sporty, and above all else, comfy.


The hot pink, pleats, and midi length all make this skirt my absolute favorite and it will be on repeat. If you aren’t keen on bright colors, it also comes in black and khaki green and it’s $34.99. I’ve paired it here with the cutest sweatshirt of them all – a single cold shoulder complete with ruffles. When I was in the dressing room trying this number on, all I could think was “[Shelley Long’s] Phyllis in Troop Beverly Hills would be so proud.”


My baseline Adidas kicks add a little retro detail, but somehow keep it modern at the same time. This cross body is Rebecca Minkoff and if you read my blog, you see it all. the. time. It’s just one of those classic key pieces that goes with everything, and goes everywhere with me. Find shoppable to all these items below. If you are even thinking about the pink pleated skirt, go now. It will sell out fast!

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