Slouchy Tunic from Shop the Mint


If you’re looking for a magical top that you can run around town in, still look cute, but remain ultimately comfy, the slouchy dolman tunic from Shop the Mint is it. Lightweight and super soft, long, and available in so many colors, you can pair it with jeans to leggings and be set for the day. I love that it can be layered, too. Since shopping tends to be my only cardio (aside from chasing small beings), I need to be able to shed layers while running around stores during the holiday season.

img_6421 img_6428 img_6431 img_6433

I love when my clothes can be worn out of the house or in it ALL DAY and not look distinctly like pajamas. With two small kids and the holidays, we spend a lot of time indoors – I still want to get dressed and look presentable. The slouchy dolman tunic is something I don’t want to take off when it’s actually pajama time.

img_6383 img_6384 img_6395 img_6396 img_6402 img_6407 img_6409 img_6413

My favorite part about the tunic is how lightweight, yet soft it is, and how it’s like a sweatshirt without all the bulk. I can still add a vest or wear a tank underneath and not feel like I’m going to overheat. I like to snuggle (with kids and dogs) in heated blankets, and I can do that with this top.

img_6449 img_6451

It runs large and roomy – I’m wearing a small for reference. It will make a great holiday gift for any girl who likes to be comfy cozy all day long. You can find my top here , all tunics here, and shop the rest of the look below!

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