The Best Party Dress: A Maxi with Pockets


This is hands-down my favorite party dress of the moment. By party dress, I mean the perfect frock for a baby shower, bridal shower, backyard fiesta, child’s birthday party (hello – you can bend over because it’s long!), engagement party, gender reveal party,  National Chocolate Ice Cream Day party (today! Thank me later!), etc. It’s flowy, long, comfortable, comes in at the waist, has a strappy back, and has pockets. I love a dress with pockets and simply put, I wish all dresses had pockets (except body cons of course). What’s more, I can twirl in it, because what is a party without a twirl? Clearly not a party.

IMG_6636Let’s talk about how comfortable this dress is. The straps are so light, you can barely feel them. It’s silky and long, almost like an awesome nightgown. It basically is a nightgown, but with a gorgeous print and ruffles to make it fiesta-ready.


IMG_6621 (1).jpg

The background color is mint with a kind of geometric pattern barely visible, but beautiful nonetheless. The palms are bright orange. With a slight ruffle at the waist and a ruffle hem at the bottom, it’s the details of this dress that make it stand out. I’ve link all items below and an alternate, but equally amazing pair of shoes because mine are sold out. I found the dress to run a little large and ordered a size down.

Now back to twirling…and have a happy National Chocolate Ice Cream Day!


dress // shoes // necklace // sunnies

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