The Ultimate Guide to Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is June 18th. Do you know what you’re giving dad? Read on for my top gift picks for the great guy in your life.

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Train Track or Car Track T Shirt – This shirt is pure genius. It is a regular good ol’ white t (or another color if you choose) with a train or car track on the back. Dad lays on his belly and has the kids move their vehicles of choice on his back – its a massage! Kids are playing, dad is relaxing and mom can do whatever she wants. Its a win for everyone.


Dopp Kit – Every man needs one of these, and it should fit their personality. Leather and canvas with a monogram for the classic, conservative man. A hipster leather version for the trendy guy. Sporty canvas for the adventurer. Khaki canvas for the prepster. And lastly an LL Bean good ol’ standby for the guy who is always there for you.

Pottery Barn // Leather Dopp Kit // for the adventurer // A. Kurtz Dop Kit // LL Bean

Luggage – A great bag is a necessity. It will be in use all summer long. It’s an essential often overlooked, but always appreciated. Especially if it comes complete with a weekend getaway.


Old Navy Canvas Duffle // J. Crew Duffle // H&M Duffle

Lounge Pants – It is probably every man’s fantasy (and every woman’s fantasy) to wear lounge pants all the time. Let them lounge and be happy at least some of the time. These are a little metro, but oh so soft.


French Press Travel Mug – Keep your man caffeinated for all his daddy duties with this to go mug! If you have ever had French press coffee, you will know it is incredibly delicious. This travel mug allows you to brew coffee in the same container! It is made of double walled plastic to keep your morning joe piping hot.

Lego Stadium – These are available multiple places and they are super cool for the lego dork. That is right, dork. But we are all dorks, really. The one I have linked obviously is for a specific fan, but you can do a google search and quickly find the stadium you love.


Darth Vader Mug – May the force be with you even if you like the dark side.

Whiskey Maker – I am in love with this mini barrel (*side note – I am in love with all things miniature). This is a great gift for the both DIYer and whiskey drinker. Whiskey, to me, screams “MAN.”

The Ultimate Bar Tool – This is kind of a sneaky gift. I like a good, hand-crafted cocktail, and I want it handed to me. Give this to your man, and hopefully a good cocktail tailored to you will be on the menu soon.

Golf Polo Shirt – Every guy has polo shirts, but does yours have one with a super awesome psycho bunny logo? This brand makes stylish polo shirts (and socks, swim trunks, shorts, + so much more) and the quality is high – as in wash after wash they stay looking new. Help your man up his golf and sport apparel game.

Shave Kit – A close shave means silky skin and no beard talk. Sign us up. Sign us all up.


Tent – Buy a base camp so your guy can feel like the adventurer he is at heart. Climb Mt. Everest…or the stairs to your bed when you realize glamping is a sham. At least indulge him by trying.

Father’s Day gifting complete. Enjoy the day and celebrate dad!

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