Valentine’s Gift Guides

V-day is right around the corner, but I have you covered! My Valentine’s Gift Guides will help you give joy to friends, moms, sisters, boyfriends, husbands, etc. With no further ado:

For the boyfriends, fiancés and husbands–

  1. A cool blanket for the hipster- I love this rustic, vintage looking blanket. It’s made of wool and cotton, and I love the colors. Your guy can use it to amp up his bedroom linens, or use it in the spring for a park picnic. Plant the seed ladies, and you may find yourself having wine and cheese on a lovely May day, in one of your favorite parks.
  2. Record Player – These make such a good gift, along with a day at a record store, picking out some vinyl together.
  3. Duffle Bag – Everyone needs a good bag. This one is classic and great for overnight trips.
  4. Oregon Trail – Nothing says sexy like dysentery. Am I right? All joking aside, this game is for anyone from the 80s and 90s who remembers the treat that Oregon Trail was back in elementary school, and who thoroughly enjoyed archaic computers with terrible pixelation. This is a board game version, which leaves me wondering if it’s truly worth it. I wish it came with a huge old computer to play it on. Ahh, memories.
  5. Byredo Bibliotheque Candle – Bring the sexy back with this sultry candle. While the term library doesn’t scream “sexy!”, when you say “biblioteque”, you’ll not your head in agreement – it’s totally seductive.  Maybe burn it while playing Oregon Trail. Will the two will cancel each other out?
  6. Google home – You can say things like “dim the lights” or play “Billie Holiday” and voila, instant ambiance.
  7. Earbuds – Everyone can use a good pair of earbuds. This pair is sweat and weather resistant. I don’t think I need to go into further details.
  8. Cozy Pullover – Everyone can use a cozy pullover, especially when they are known to wear one all the time and need a couple as back-ups.
  9. Cooking essentials – If you aren’t into material gifts, consider a waffle iron  for making waffles (add in chocolate chips or blueberries, or use cornmeal and top with fried chicken…just saying), or a baking dish perfect for lasagna. It’s a gift for you and him in one.
  10. Fuzzy Slippers – No one likes to see man feet.
  11. Cookies – Who doesn’t like cookies, especially when they state puns from Star Wars?
  12. Boozy Socks – For the guy who doesn’t like frivolous gifts – socks.

For the ladies–

  1. Pink Cloud Moisturizer – Yes, I want my face to feel like a pink cloud. This stuff sells out quick, for a good reason. It’s super luxe and perfect for winter skin. This mask is a great backup if the moisturizer is sold out.
  2. Chocolates – No explanation needed.
  3. Pillow – A huggable heart pillow. My daughter has this one and it’s both cute and super snuggly. i’ve also linked one with POMS.
  4. Bathrobe – Perhaps basic, but this soft version with pretty stripes will be much appreciated. I’ve also linked a gorgeous floral version.
  5. T Shirt with a Message – I mean, yes. Just yes.
  6. Bath Fizzy – Giving a woman the time to take a bath is amazing in and of itself, but this takes it to a whole other (better. Much better) level.
  7. Nice Bag – Everyone woman wants to have a few really nice bags in her wardrobe. This pretty little pink version is a classic design with quality construction.
  8. Heart Sneakers – At under $30, these are such a cute and affordable, yet super fun gift.
  9. Pink Shoes – Because I’m pretty sure all women love comfortable shoes, and this blush color is cute.
  10. Teddy Coat – Forego the stuffed animal and get her a teddy coat. They are ridiculously cozy and look adorable. I’ve linked a beige and pink version.
  11. Lollia Parfume – I have nightmares about overpowering perfumes, and if you do too, consider this light and delicate scent.
  12. Striped Pajama Set – I love this light pink and white striped classic set. It also comes in a pants version.
  13. Lip Sugar – This is the best balm brand. It hydrates and smoothes, creating kissable lips.
  14. Red Sweater – Red hot and A little cliche, sure, but really really gorgeous.

If you like anything on this list, I say get it for yourself. Treat yo’self because Valentine’s Day should be about not only loving others, but loving yourself as well. Buy yourself a white sapphire (under $120) and call it a day.

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