Teeth whitening at home + GIVEAWAY with smile brilliant

Smile Brilliant is making it incredibly easy for busy people to get their smile back to perfection with teeth whitening at home. Being a mom of young kids, it’s hard to keep up with all the things I used to do pre-kids, such as whitening my teeth. A professional procedure can be $500+ and can take multiple visits to a dentist. I am so happy I was able to try Smile Brilliant because it’s a complete kit I can use in the comfort of my own home, after my kids are in bed or when they are at school. My results are below – you can see my whiter smile with no yellow stains! Keep reading for a giveaway towards one kit!
A tray creation kit comes direct to your door. Included is a catalyst, base paste and trays. You simply mix the catalyst and a base paste from two tubs, and if you’re experienced with play-doh, this is a super easy step. Then you spread the mix into a tray and make impressions of your teeth. After taking my upper and lower teeth impressions, I sent them back in the pre-addressed and stamped envelope. Easy peasy (and took about 15 active minutes).
Just a few days later, I received my trays and promptly got to whitening. After a fairly stressful fall with my daughter going to kindergarten and my son starting preschool, I was drinking lots of coffee (does coffee stain your teeth? YES), tea and the occasional red wine at night. I was so excited to work on my smile.
I usually use my trays at night, when I’m watching my favorite shows or getting organized for the next day. It takes less than 5 minutes to pop them in. First you brush without toothpaste, just to clean your teeth a bit. Next, you spread a thin ribbon of the teeth whitening gel onto the trays (both upper and lower), put them on, and let them work for 45 minutes or longer. I get caught up in a few shows, and it’s already time to take them out. I brush my teeth, then prepare the trays with desensitizing gel that hydrates and replenishes your teeth with minerals, and helps reduce sensitivity and white spots. I leave the trays on for around 20-25 minutes. I was noticing white spots and had a little tooth sensitivity, and asked smile brilliant if those issues would go away. Their live chat was so helpful, and let me know any spots disappear within two hours once your teeth have been given a chance to recalcify, and my teeth would feel less sensitive after about an hour (and would even diminish with each use). If you find your teeth are very sensitive, here is a great article that explains a little more about this issue. After just about 2 weeks of whitening 3 times a week, I started to notice how bright and how much whiter my teeth were. It motivated me to keep going and keep whitening to get back the smile I had at my wedding. I tell all my momma friends (who definitely notice!) how I whiten my teeth at home, and how easy it is!
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I’m so happy with my results. After just several weeks, my teeth are noticeably whiter. Any yellow staining is gone, and my teeth are back to sparking white! The best part about the process is I’m able to keep whitening or to touch up whenever necessary. If you are ready to get your smile back, I highly recommend Smile Brilliant. The ease of teeth whitening at home meant I had one less errand to run during the day. I didn’t have to spend hours in a dentist chair getting a procedure that left my teeth incredibly sensitive. Instead, I whitened on my schedule and did it gradually so there was less sensitivity involved – with the same great professional teeth whitening results. Now is a great time to start, so you can shine your pearly whites for holiday parties. Or, you can make it your New Year’s resolution! Either way, don’t put off improving your smile. It makes a huge first impression and I’m so happy I took a little me time to get it done! Here is an article to help you with any questions before the next step, and also a video about the process.
One lucky winner will get a $139.95 credit (1 tray creation kit + 6 syringes of their choice) to Smile Brilliant! To enter, comment below and enter your email to follow my blog. You can also enter by heading to my instagram page, follow me, like + comment on the giveaway post.
If you want to get right to whitening, use coupon code ‘dontdresslikeamom5’ to get 5% off your kit!

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