5 Reasons Cuddl Duds are my go to layers

I love to layer up and get cozy, especially in the fall when the weather starts to change. Cuddl Duds at Bon-Ton is one of my favorite brands for adding that extra warmth, and I’ve created this list of 5 reasons why Cuddl Duds are my go to layers – because even if you don’t love to layer, they still come in handy each and every day as relaxed essentials.

  1. They are super soft. I see, feel, or read that an item is soft and I am immediately in. I can’t get enough soft pieces to make me feel comfortable on the daily. The Cuddl Duds soft knit collection is meant for comfort. You can layer the pieces under your everyday clothes or wear them on their own.
  2. They are stretchy. We love leggings and athleisure in general because of the stretchiness – they move with you and don’t fall down or bunch up. The same goes for Cuddl Duds. The pieces stay in place, and move with you without being binding or restrictive. The waistband on my leggings is so comfortable, and I love the drapey cardigans that feel like blankets.
  3. They are quality. Not only do Cuddl Duds have awesome design (think thumb holes, banding at the ankles, and performance fabrics), but they stay new wash after wash and can be put in the dryer on low heat (easy care!).
  4. You can mix and match. I pair my leggings with sweaters and my cardigans with jeans and skirts, in addition to wearing them together. One piece can be mixed into several outfits. Don’t be surprised if you end up wearing a Cuddl Duds piece every day of the week!
  5. I can wear them anytime and anywhere – this is the magic part. Cuddl Duds can be worn as a base layer under your work wear, mixed with your casual pieces, or they can be worn all on their own.

I love the soft knit collection that is modern and ultra soft for a cozy feel. My marled set is perfection. I wear it to walk my dog, lounge around, drive the kids to school, and in the evening. They can be layered to make a work look, but look great on their own. The wrap knit is the perfect sweater without the bulk of a thicker version. It can be layered, or worn as a jacket.


This fleecewear hoodie with stretch is Cuddl Duds warmest layering option. It’s not super thick fleece, allowing you to wear it in the house or out for an errand, or even under a winter coat. It has spandex for a close fit that moves with you. The drapey front is more edgy than your typical structured athleisure, and I love the hood.

I love to cuddle up with a cup of hot cider and a book in my Cuddl Duds. It’s the epitome of cozy comfort. While I started wearing Cuddl Duds for winter sports like skiing, snowshoeing and sledding, I now wear them all the time because they take the chill off and make you feel warm and quite honestly, happy. I love when a piece of clothing feels like a hug. Cuddl Duds is also an affordable line available in stores or online at www.cuddlduds.com. They make awesome gifts, too! You can find mens and kids sizes in addition to all the great styles for women. You can shop all the pieces by following the links below or head here to view the whole collection!

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