Gorgeous Boots, Literally


Meet my new friend, the ‘gorgeous’ over the knee boot by Steve Madden. Suede, tall, pretty and under $150. I guess that makes them sweet too.


Over the knee boots are a great wardrobe addition for several reasons. They elongate the leg to make you look taller and leaner. You can pair them with pretty flirty dresses, denim skirts, jeans, leggings and cute skinny cargos. As a bonus, they cover any bruises on your legs, which if you are a mom you are sure to have a few. Kids kick, grab, pinch, etc. all in the most loving way possible, leaving you a little black and blue. But loved.


I love the tie detail on the back. They also scrunch up a bit at the top, making a really lovely soft look just above the knee. Perfect for brunch, girls’ night out, date night, movie night, or just wear them around your house to feel taller. Kidding. But in all seriousness they are gorgeous and will make you feel gorgeous.

Steve Madden Gorgeous

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