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Guys, I have a secret. I eat a lot of chocolate muffins. A LOT. Since finding Garden Lites Muffins, I’ve been eating them as a delicious healthy on the go snack regularly and I don’t feel one bit guilty. I didn’t think a “chocolate” muffin made up of 1/3 vegetables would actually taste good, but four words people: “yummy in my tummy.” Imagine a 3 year old saying this, which is exactly what happened after my son tried one.

We are all busy with about 300 things to do and what feels like 10 minutes to get it all accomplished. I’m constantly moving and need an easy, healthy on the go snack that keeps me full and provides me with nutrients. It has to taste really, really good at the same time, especially when I’m sharing with the littles. So whether I’m in my car driving to one of many practices, cleaning in a futile attempt to keep a neat house, or taking a not-so-relaxing walk with kids + dogs in tow, I can grab a Garden Lites Muffin and know I’m eating clean and healthy, at just 120 calories per muffin. I especially like to have one before yoga (or the time I like to call yoga but when kids are climbing on me). The size is perfect, and the chocolate muffin is so decadent – it takes care of any chocolate craving (and can we just say these are little saviors during Girl Scout Cookie season, which is upon us?!). I also like to put one in my daughter’s lunch box as “dessert” – but given it’s 1/3 vegetables, is it really dessert?! She thinks so.

Garden Lites products are veggie rich, with vegetables being the first and primary ingredient in all products. With the chocolate muffin, all I taste is CHOCOLATE. I had to get the box out of the freezer and read the ingredients to make sure what I was tasting matched what was in the muffins. There is chocolate, but more importantly the first ingredient is zucchini (followed by carrot!). They also have 20% of my daily iron needs, a nutrient I’m constantly chasing to get enough of. The blueberry oat flavor is just as delicious. There are big blueberries and you can see bits of carrot (but can’t taste it). All I get is cakey sweetness. Garden Lites are like some kind of amazing nutritional magic trick, except when I hand one to my kids I don’t let them in on the trick.

Garden Lites provide a convenient, more enjoyable and easier way to eat your vegetables. You just pop a muffin in its packaging into the microwave and in 30 seconds, you have a warm, delicious muffin that tastes freshly-baked. Or, you just take one out of the freezer and take it to go in your dance/swimming/yoga bag and a few hours later it’s ready to eat.

I love that Garden Lites are made of clean and simple ingredients. There is nothing I don’t recognize in the ingredient list, and there are vegetables and good things listed, like a gluten-free flour blend. Garden lites are gluten-free, dairy-free and nut free. They make a perfect snack for my daughter to take to school. And note – they are so good, she even likes to eat them frozen. I’ve had Garden Lites at playdates and everyone thought they were regular, everyday muffins – not muffins full of veggies! When I gave the moms the box, they were shocked at the ingredients and the fact that their kids loved them.

I found my Garden Lites Muffins at Kroger! Go here to find a store that carries them near you. You can find them in the freezer section of your nearest Publix, Stop & Shop, Giant, Shop-Rite, HEB, Kroger or Costco. Try a Garden Lites muffin on your family, and see if they can taste the zucchini or just the chocolate.

To learn more about Garden Lites, go here!

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