Muffins packed with Veggies

There is nothing I love more than finding super yummy, on-the-go treats that are healthy and packed with veggies and healthy ingredients. It makes my family’s busy lifestyle so much more manageable to be able to heat up a super nutritious muffin before dance/swimming/school, etc. These Garden Lites Muffins are so incredibly delicious and the best part is: my kids LOVE them. I mean loooooove them. I grab our backpacks + muffins and we are ready to start the day.  Use this coupon to get $1 off your box! They come in several flavors, and while I love the blueberry oat, my daughter loves the chocolate version.


Garden Lites muffins can be found in the freezer section and defrosted to room temperature in 4 hours – meaning you can pop them in your lunch or after school bag, and they are ready to go when you need some food fuel. My favorite way to enjoy one is to heat the muffin in my microwave for 35 seconds. I have a warm, rich, decadent muffin that is actually good for me within seconds. Garden Lites are made of clean and simple ingredients. I’ve gotten into the habit of looking at labels to make sure there aren’t 1,000 of ingredients listed, and this product is mommy approved!

The first ingredient in the chocolate muffin is zucchini, and you will also find carrot, egg whites and cocoa powder. There is not one ingredient you won’t be able to pronounce. Garden Lites products are veggie rich, with vegetables being the first and primary ingredient in all products. If you have a family member with allergies, Garden Lites are a great choice because they are gluten free, dairy and nut free. They would also make a great snack to take to the classroom. Each muffin is individually wrapped.


Each muffin has 120 calories, 3 grams of fiber and 5 grams of whole grains. The chocolate version has iron and calcium! It tastes like a brownie, but has vitamins and minerals…does it get any better? I’m so glad they come frozen – they are available whenever I need them and stay fresh!

So are you ready to get hooked on veggies? I am definitely hooked if they taste this good, and these muffins have become a freezer staple in our household. I found my Garden Lites Muffins at Kroger! You can find yours in the freezer section of your nearest Publix, Stop & Shop, Giant, Shop-Rite, HEB, Kroger or Costco. Don’t forget to print this this coupon to get $1 off your box. Cheers to eating your veggies and enjoying every bite.

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