New Year Goals

I know we are well into January, and maybe we are supposed to plan out our goals before the New Year…but better late than never. I’ve made a list of 10 goals to keep me on track to having a healthy and happy year.

1. Get Myself Organized

This is just one method towards reducing stress, staying focused, managing time, and reaching goals. The less clutter, the easier the path will be. I want to stop piling up papers that seem to sit for weeks before getting filed through. I need to actually use my calendar instead of buying it and just leaving it be.

2. Take more baths and relax in the evening

I really enjoy baths and I’m sure my body does too. My mom takes a bath every night. EVERY NIGHT. After I had my first child, I questioned how she had the time to do this, but good for her. Now I need to do the same. Baths relax the body, mind and spirit, and probably take the place of a glass of wine in terms of effect. Drinking a warm cup of tea, reading a few minutes before bed, and adding a little meditation to my evening routine may help balance all the crazy.

3. Eat more greens

Kale and spinach keep you young. They fight disease, improve eye health, lower cholesterol, and I basically see nothing wrong with them (other than they may be tough to chew). I’ve been adding them to smoothies for awhile, and I just need to keep the momentum and KEEP MAKING GREEN SMOOTHIES/SMOOTHIE BOWLS. I also have a ridiculously simple, delicious and easy kale salad recipe I’ll share shortly.

4. Be more playful

My kids like to laugh. A lot. So instead of trying to get them to settle down or be serious (when they are acting like a bunch of loons) maybe I should just get in on the action. If you can’t beat them, join them, right? When my daughter wants to play at the park after school, let’s play at the park. Starting dinner can wait. When my kids are having fun with the carts at Trader Joe’s, let them be kids instead of trying to get them to follow me like little ducklings (just as long as I can see them and they aren’t running into anyone…)

5. Meditate and Do More Yoga

I have taken a meditation few classes, and I have to say, it is HARD. But it’s GOOD. Nothing easy in life is worth doing. It takes time, practice and lots of personal motivation to be able to meditate and actually meditate. But I also believe we can get to that same state of mind while practicing things we really enjoy. My husband’s meditation is weight lifting/working out. It clears his head and keeps him focused. My mother-in-law’s meditation is tennis. I feel like I’m meditating while I paint with watercolors. While an activity that helps you stop thinking can be considered meditation, I also want to take more classes. With yoga, I had a great practice going pre-kids. I need to get back into it, even if I can only commit to 2 times a week. I went a few nights ago and wondered why I hadn’t been making time for it. It helps me relax, tone my muscles, quiets my mind and is so peaceful. I bought a package so I did fully commit to this one!

6. Get Outside

This may be the most frustrating one because it’s not easy to get outside in 20 degree weather, but I have high, high hopes for when the sun decides to shine and the temps rise. The more I read, the more I find getting back to nature is a key component of happiness. Being in tune with the world, taking in natural beauty and remembering how gorgeous the simple things are grounds us and forces us to do a little soul searching.

7. Give myself more manicures

Right when I start to heartfelt and intense, I turn a little superficial, but look good, feel good people. I feel like my nails have really bad days, and I want to work on that. Even if it means only giving my cuticles a little added attention. I’m not saying I want to get to the nail salon every week. I aspire to take a little time once a week to give my nails a pretty coat.

8. Blog, Blog, Blog

My first year of Don’t Dress Like A Mom went by so quickly, and was so fun. I hope to write more posts this year and to keep up with the trends, making them accessible and comfortable for all us busy ladies.  Writing articles, staging, styling and taking photos is something I truly enjoy and I want to keep growing and learning.

9. Take fun trips

Having a toddler and a grade school kid makes it challenging to get up and go places, but I intend to take advantage of those times when I feel compelled to go on an adventure, routine be damned. I don’t want to look back on these early childhood years and wish I would have done more. I want to feel like I tried to expose my kids to new places and new things, even if it’s a staycation in our own city or a drive to a beach 3 hours away. I remember trips with my mom to Chicago and Point Peelee, which we always fairly close excursions but so fun and thrilling because they were unexpected and unplanned.

10. Dress Comfy as Much as Possible

This is my M.O. I think we should all be comfy, look good, and feel good. Clothes need to help us achieve that. I love fuzzy knits, soft sweaters, stretchy tops, form fitting dresses, jeans that stay up, and shoes that make my feet happy. I hope to continue to find the best, most comfortable pieces I can post here, so you can pick and choose items for your closet.

So cheers to 2017! Let me know what your goals are and any tips you have for helping me to reach mine!

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