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If you are looking for a little DIY fun to add to your holiday decor, let’s discuss this super festive, cozy looking wreath. It is completely easy, takes a couple hours, and is a kid friendly craft, too. I made an all white and cream pom pom wreath last year, and it happily sits above my mantle. It’s the perfect piece for my monochrome Christmas decorations, but you can do whatever colors tickle your fancy. A rainbow wreath would be gorgeous and fun (or just skip the DIY and get this one), or a mostly green yarn wreath with pops of color would look amazing. I’ve linked items to recreate this mantle below, and you can find a tutorial to make star garland here.

For my daughter’s wreath, I used all pink yarn and the cutest pink faux fur poms for a little more texture. I love how it turned out, and she was excited to add some fun Christmas decor to her room. You could add some hearts to make it a Valentine’s wreath, too! Or, you can use whatever holiday color yarn to make Halloween wreaths, Easter wreaths, etc.

Go here for a pom pom tutorial using Clover pom makers. I highly recommend using a maker versus doing it by hand – however it is possible to do by hand. I just find the maker is so much easier and you can pause mid pom if you have, say, toddlers that need something immediately. It takes a few hours to get a wreath done, but you can delegate and take your time making poms while watching Christmas movies. Here are some photos of the wreath in process:

To make the wreath, you will need:

Begin by making LOTS of poms of all sizes. If you are using a 12″ or larger ring, use all pom sizes. If you are using a smaller ring, you may want to stick with the smaller size pom makers to make smaller poms accordingly. I used all pom sizes for both my wreaths. After making poms, trim them by giving them a little haircut all the way around – that way they look uniform and perfect…or close to perfect.

Once you have a good amount of poms, start to place them around the wreath and glue into place with your glue gun. You can also use pins to secure the poms (they will be hidden by the fluff!). I just used the glue. Use smaller poms in between large poms, and continue around wreath until you are satisfied with your wreath. Hang above mantel, on windows, doors or on headboards for extra festive style! I’ve linked all the items from my mantle below.

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