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I think its safe to say I’m a good source on providing Mother’s Day gift options, being a mother myself and all. Below you will find items I love, ideas from my mom friends, and things any woman in general would totally love to get. So this year, skip the flowers and keep this goal in mind: “find something she wouldn’t buy for herself.” Actually, still buy the flowers but gift something special too.

  1. Gift Card for a Facial – “I don’t need any pampering” SAID NO WOMAN EVER. There is no downside to gifting a facial, so find a highly regarded spa in your neighborhood and give them a call. Mommas run around constantly and it can lead to dry, dull skin. A facial is not only relaxing, but it leaves a woman feeling and looking renewed with glowing skin. If you are concerned over cost, I highly recommend this product. It leaves my face super smooth and glowing, without the hour long spa treatment. It takes about 5 minutes and is the best face duo I’ve used. IMG_1982.jpg
  2. A Super Cute Travel Mug – Most mommas I know drink coffee, and if they don’t drink coffee, they drink tea. A travel mug is a necessity since we are often running (literally) out of the house somewhere all day, everyday. Check out the options here. I have one that says “mommy fuel” (and that is exactly what it holds) and I loooooove it. They also have cold cup options. And I found this one at Target that is too cute – it is DIY! You can have your little one personalize a travel mug for mom (or grandma), or take a go at it yourself.
  3. Personalized Stationery – This is a great gift for so many different occasions, but I love it for Mother’s Day because it is so very sweet and thoughtful. It takes time to pick out stationery, and its something every momma will most definitely use. I love the options from Paper Source or you can shop super small and try a seller on Etsy. If you want to go crazy, you can buy watercolor notecards and have your little one personally paint each notecard (or paint one and make copies) and put together a very cute, meaningful set. You can have them write their name under their artwork, or practice writing mom’s name for the personalized effect.
  4. Luxe Bubblebath – And giving mom the time to take a bath. An hour to herself to soak in a bubbly tub is priceless. And let’s not make this a one-time occurrence.IMG_3444.jpg
  5. Perfume – Although its a personal choice, gifting perfume can be wonderful. It can mean the woman who gets the magic potion you pick out will always be reminded of you when they wear it. L’Artisan perfumes are so beautiful, the bottles are gorgeous, and they have such a wide variety that you are sure to find the perfect match for your special momma.
  6. Jewelry – I love lockets. They hold tiny precious photos close to the heart. I love this one, made in the United States. It is made of beautiful rose gold and sure to be a hit. I think I speak for all women when I say I love shiny things.
  7. A Trip to a Store– What I wouldn’t give for a few hours to lose myself in a TJ Maxx , Marshalls, or Nordstrom Rack…discount retailers are the types of places where you need to take time to look through and between the racks to find the really good buys, the diamonds in the rough. I love the treasure hunt, but don’t often have the time and my kids certainly do not have the patience to be a discount pirate. To be able to immerse oneself and become a maxxinista for a few hours…makes me smile just thinking about it.
  8. A Class – whether it be a cooking class at Sur La Table, a crafting class at Michaels, or an exercise class, there are plenty of options and it gives mom a few hours to learn something new, since we are usually doing the same routine day in and day out. Changing it up and creating new neural pathways is a good thing. A Taste of Paris? Yes please! Vintage Charm Necklace Making (that is actually FREE)? Sign me up! Vinyasa Yoga with a side of meditation? Can I go now?_12281677
  9. New Running Shoes – I am always on my feet, and I would love a new pair of shoes. Its easy to see what brand our favorite ladies like most – take a look in their closet and go check out the new Nike, New Balance, Adidas and Asics options. Even a new everyday errand running pair would be greatly appreciated. Everyone likes new kicks.IMG_1108
  10. A Darling Shirt – The selection of shirts with cheeky messages is quite large, since everyone wants to say it like it is (COFFEE PLEASE). It seems like small and large retailers alike are creating their own lines. Check out the stock at The women who run the shop are awesome and clearly make awesome shirts with love. They also come in the cutest little bag and there is no need to gift wrap.  Other options are this “But First Coffee”T from Target that is one of the softest I own, and I love this shirt and underwear set, also from Target.27913557_010_b.jpeg
  11. Polaroid Camera – These adorable gadgets are perfect for instant gratification, which I think every human craves, especially when taking a photograph (this is why we no longer use film we have to wait to develop). You get a hard copy of a photo in your hand in seconds, they are compact so they fit in any diaper bag or most purses, and you can capture precious moments and put them up on a photo wall immediately. At $70, this camera comes in a ton of colors and provides little images, while this printer for your smart phone is pretty darn cool too. Then you put all your photographs up with something like this  vertical wall set or a cute little frame for mom’s nightstand. _12464943
  12. The Gift of Sleep and BREAKFAST IN BED – The one thing I truly love and would ask for if I could be gifted one thing, would be sleep. I could sleep for what feels like a week, if given the opportunity. So why make mom get out of bed on Mother’s Day? Bring her breakfast or brunch and have a bed picnic, once she is up of course. And if you feel like this is taking the easy way out, buy her a pair of pajamas. I love this floral romper pajama from Macy’s or this one from Lord and Taylor. The nightie in the photograph at the top is from Forever 21 and can be found in store.

Of all the options above, one is sure to work (if not all 10). Celebrate your mother’s love, shower her with hugs and kisses, and maybe a gift or two. Mother’s Day is May 8th.

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