Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

Valentine’s Day is only two weeks away! Whether you need a gift for a sister, mom, best girlfriend or you want to get something for yourself (self love people!), I’ve compiled a list of the best Valentine’s Gifts for her, all between $25 and $100. Shoes, bags, fluffy jackets, fun details and the best perfumes and face mask – it’s all listed and linked below with plenty of time left to order.

1. The Coziest of Coats

I recently purchased a super fuzzy, doodle-resembling coat and every time I wear it I get compliments and mentions such as “that looks so comfy!” – and it is. I highly recommend a furry coat as a gifting option. On top of looking cute and huggable, the coats are are actually super comfortable and warm. This one is $65 and I’ve linked a gorgeous blush version below as well.

2. Fresh Rose Face Mask

Fresh is one of my favorite brands. All their products smell delicious and work. This rose fask mask is awesome, and perfect for the busy momma or on-the-go lady in your life. It only takes a few minutes to apply and get the magic going to create a glowing complexion.

3. Gorgeous Rose Gold Bracelet

“I don’t need jewelry,” SAID NO WOMAN EVER. This beautiful bracelet is sparkly, dainty and rose gold – my favorite metal at the moment. It goes with everything, especially blush tones – such as pink velvet sneakers.

4. Velvet Sneakers

The velvet trend is here, it’s strong, and it’s going right into spring with velvet sneakers (and even velvet cut out booties). I love this pair. Think of adding it to a pair of joggers or light wash skinny cropped jeans, or even some cute white cut-off shorts. Hard to imagine as I sit here looking out at snow, but I know warm weather will return, and these shoes will look cute in the sunshine.

5. Soft Lounge Pants

There is nothing quite like those pants you can’t wait to put on the minute you get home in the evening. Scoring a cute pair mid-winter gives you something to look forward to on gray, cloudy days – and let’s just pause for a second to think about how these pants actually feel like clouds…

6. Sparkly Shoes

I love shiny things, and this shoes don’t disappoint in that they are covered in sparkles. If sparkles aren’t your thing, or aren’t for your girl, here is a gorgeous suede lace up pair. Both shoes are sure to bring smiles.

7. Cutest Coffee Mug

Completely accurate mug in the cutest of pinks and gold, might I add. Coffee is definitely my best friend every morning, when I don’t want to talk to anyone and my eyes will barely open. It’s the only thing that is helpful and doesn’t give me attitude.

8. Snuggly Scarf

I love the look of this scarf. It is a chunky knit and has the cutest heart detail. It comes in gray and navy, and there is a matching hat (with earphones inside!). I’ve linked a really soft, blush blanket scarf below as well.

9. Heart Shaped Bag

This bag couldn’t be cuter and will win lots of bonus points if your lady is into cute little things. And bags. The hardware detail is awesome, giving an otherwise gushy heart a little edge.

10. Sleep Mask

I have a little experience under my belt raising young kids. When I had my daughter, I had to seize nap opportunities when I could, which meant sleeping during the day. While black out shades help, a. not everyone has them, and b. they don’t cut out all the light. A sleep mask WORKS and is an inexpensive option. I use mine whenever I have the chance to sleep and occasionally on a weekend morning when everyone is sleeping past 8am (!!!) and the morning light is streaming in.

11. Beautiful Perfume

L’Artisan is one of the best brands of perfume. It is strong but delicate, gorgeous and alluring. It’s everything you want in a scent. My favorites are mure et musc, la chase aux papillons and mimosa pour moi, but you really can’t go wrong. I love this gift set. It allows you to try a few and find a favorite. Plus the bottles are beautiful by themselves, and will look so pretty on a vanity.

12. Pink Bag

A great pink bag is a fun option in my wardrobe, and I am guessing every woman could use a good, subtle pop of color. It can even work as a neutral – going with lots of colors, especially when the outwear is neutral (think black, brown, khaki, gray or olive green coats – this bag works with all those!). The large buckle is chunky and adds detail without taking over the whole bag. It’s a gorgeous blush color, too. All in all, a really beautiful piece.

13. Rose Gold Ring

I have a real thing for rose gold. It’s not your usual gold or silver, and anything blush toned gets the thumbs up in my book this year. I love the rustic yet delicate quality of this piece, and the gorgeous bling doesn’t hurt.

14. Cutest Tee

This tee is soft, simple, and to the point: “besame mucho” translated means kiss me a lot. Send the perfect message on Valentine’s Day with this cuteness.

15. Iphone Case

This is just about the cutest case with red hearts and eyelashes. Or maybe this one is (puppy love?!). My cases get pretty beat up fast, so it’s always nice to get a fresh new one. I am also the type of person that likes to change up the little things. Changing my phone case just gives a little freshness to something you see And in mid-winter, it’s nice to see something different.

16. Red Hot Shoes

The most adorable flats ever. They are so cute and add the right pop of red to any un-fun outfit, making it a super fun outfit.

Whether you are gifting for your mom, sister, girlfriend, or yourself, follow the shopping links below to find exactly what you need!

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